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Choosing Flowers

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

It’s how they come together

Fresh....let’s start here

When I first started ordering flowers- the beginning of my flowershop days- I’d call a guy, tell him exactly what I wanted and flowers would be delivered on the day that I specified. Today, I do things a little differently. Some of my best days start before the sun comes up, before my kids are awake, before I have to let my pup out, just before the world begins. I brew a very large cup of my favorite southern pecan coffee, grab something warm to wear, jump in the car to listen to an inspirational podcast and drive an hour to pick out flowers!

Sure it’s fun to choose colors and different textures-I get so inspired! I get to see the newest items that come in, I learn about glowers that I new knew about, I get to touch and feel! The BEST part is knowing that I’m choosing the most fresh flowers. Yes, our flowers sell out quick but it’s not about how long I can keep them fresh in my cooler, it’s keeping the fresh in your home.

To keep your flowers longer CHANGE WATER ever couple days, cut the stems and add 2 tsp sugar and 2 drops of bleach. Remembe-flowers don’t want to drink water you dont want to drink. Make sure your vessel is clean and your water clear!

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