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The designers at Dorceys Flowers couldn't be more excited for the upcoming homecoming season!! We pride ourselves in making sure each girl and guy are satisfied with their flowers for their homecoming dance. The starting cost for corsages are $35 and that includes an elastic or a slap on bracelet, two choices of ribbon color, and designers choice flowers that match the color scheme. For an additional charge we can incorporate rhinestones, feathers or a bejeweled bracelet. Ring corsages are $27 with rhinestones includes with miniature flowers. Boutineers are $18 and that includes designers choice flowers that match the designated color scheme and one - two choices of ribbon that can either be wrapped around the stem or made into a bow. 


To order a boutineer and corsage please call 937-404-9377 or stop in at 300 S Main Street Bellefontaine OH

Flowers on Suit
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